Temple Knights Martial Arts Academy

Seminars 2014  Muskoka

with Sigung John Oliver Peel,
2nd generation student of Yang Chen Fu
Gold medal Winner
Senior Teacher  - Canadian Taijiquan Federation
& Sifu Valerie Houston - Peel



Saturdays,  1 p.m - 5 p.m.

$79.00 + 10.27 hst = $ 89.27
With Pre-registered payment ( 1 wk) $69.00 +hst 

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Meditation  -  January 25

A day of sitting & walking meditation to soothe the soul,
calm the mind & nourish brain function with internal Chi Kung.
Learn a variety of meditational techniques.

Silence, contemplation and self discipline with the support of others in a formal setting. Deep meditation is life changing but difficult to achieve without proper guidance and perseverance.

Calm your mind, enliven the spirit and heal your body. Evidence has shown that meditation slows down the aging-related atrophy of certain areas of the brain.

A perfect way to start the year! 

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Chi Kung - Qi Gong - March 29

Energy Practice:

When Master Ho Shu Ying was a boy he was taught Chi Kung by a Shaolin monk in order to give him a living. He became one of China's most profound Chi Kung Masters. These techniques were passed on to Sigung John Oliver who is now instructing others in this extraordinarily wonderful art.

A combination of postures using movement, breath, sound, and meditative technique for health and martial arts.  Accumulate, circulate and strengthen your chi, raise your life force energy, calm your mind. Heal your body.
Register early. Space is limited.


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7 Secret Techniques
to Improve your Tai Chi- May 24
Many people practice Tai Chi without experiencing the maximum benefits of the art. It is not enough just to do the form, the proper qualities must be acquired as well as effective thought and chi energy.
This seminar explores the techniques used by
Master John Oliver Peel
to increase the effectiveness of playing Tai Chi.
This seminar should not be missed by the
serious Tai Chi player.


Long Weapons  July 26th

 A fun Introduction to Staff, Spear & 3 Sectional


 Speed, reach, power, these are the qualities that make long weapons  so potent. Circles within circles all emanating from the Dan Tien. Long weapons help to develop timing, feel and reflexes.  Form and applications, partner practice.


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Temple Knights Kung Fu & Tai Chi Camp 

August 11th -16th.

Nourishment for mind, body & spirit in the heart of Muskoka. Practice and learn with expert instruction surrounded by the beauty of stone, forest & water.
Tai Chi Yang style, Chi Kung, Meditation, 2 Person  Tai Chi Set, Push Hands, Self Defense Applications Applications, Kung Fu 5 Animal Styles, Iron Body training, Sword styles ( Straight ( 32+ 42 form), Sabre, Butterfly Swords, Spear, Staff, Obstacle Course archery and more... See Camps for more information.


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Sticky Hands  October 25
Tai Chi and Wing Chun as well as other styles of Kung Fu use Sticky Hands techniques. Each has a different approach. Tai Chi offers an extraordinary practice of soft hands techniques which greatly compliments all sticky hands styles. 
Develop sensitivity of hand and mind.
Great for self defense and quick reflexes.

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TBA -  November 29th


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Temple Knights Martial Arts Academy

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