Spiritual Journey

Every human being has a space or void within them.  An emptiness or hunger that can only be filled with the Holy Spirit.  These studies are meant to bring spiritual food to the hungry, to answer life's most perplexing questions and to bring hope and purpose to life. We are all faced with dilemas, trials and suffering that may be difficult to face alone.  We offer fellowship and quidance.

While the Bible is the Holy Book of the Christian world, it is often misquoted, misunderstood and misused.  Our aim is to help each individual build a relationship with the living God through Jesus Christ and a thorough understanding of God's word.

This program is optional to all Temple Knights students and open to anyone.  

Many would argue that Christian life and martial arts cannot coincide, that we are to be pacifists.  While we applaud those who try to keep the peace, it is not always possible.  The scriptures make it quite clear that justice must prevail.  When the martial arts are practised with a spiritual view they lead to strength, health and community - they are never abused or misused.

There are hundreds of thousands of Christian martial artists around the world who would agree.