"My initial reason for deciding to take Temple Knights Tai Chi classes was as a senior I thought having to learn and remember 108 moves would be excellent exercise for my memory.  Now that I am in my third year of practicing Tai Chi I have found that there are numerous benefits other than exercising my mind.  My legs are much stronger and my balance has improved greatly.  Also, in practicing Tai Chi you exercise all the joints in your body which as you get older is very helpful as your joints do have a tendency to stiffen up.  Practicing the deep abdominal breathing and the meditation is very beneficial too.  Having recently suffered a serious injury to one of my hands I found Tai Chi helped a great deal in speeding up the recovery process and the breathing and meditation also helped with the pain.  Overall I have found that with practicing Tai Chi on a regular basis you have a fantastic sense of well being and calmness.  I would recommend it to anyone of any age. "

-  Barbara Woodfield, Muskoka

"I look forward to Sifu Valerie's weekly Tai Chi class. A variety of activities keeps each session interesting and fun. In one segment, Sifu Valerie gives individual instruction to students in the 108 form, enabling each to learn comfortably at his/her pace.

I noticed that in a relatively short time my balance has improved. I have a growing feeling of confidence as I learn to move fluidly from one posture to the next. Through class exercises and meditation, my relaxation skills have also improved. I look on learning the 108 form as excellent, gentle exercise for my mind as well as my body. As a retiree, I am happy for the opportunity to give my memory a workout.

I am confident that these benefits enrich my week as I go about my other

- Ted Sasaki, Muskoka
Retired Accountant

"Tai Chi is becoming one of the best things I have ever done!  I'm starting to get in a "zone" when I am practicing & you know my energy (I have enough energy of five people in my one body...) & with what's going on at the moment... it's one of the only things that has ever slowed me down & helped me to focus, etc..  THANK YOU!!! "

- Jolene Theriault


"I started as a student of Tai Chi a little over two years ago with Sifu Valerie, at Temple Knights.  Being a trade’s person with a history of chronic back pain, I was hoping to establish a regular practice to address this and seasonal depression that had plagued me throughout my adult life.  At this juncture, I have learned almost all the forms of Tai Chi – Chuan and through a daily practice have experienced increased mobility, balance and strength not only in my back but throughout my joints, muscles and body systems.  At Temple Knights, Tai Chi is coupled with meditation and when practiced together, I have found my sense of physical and psychological well-being greatly improved.  I am grateful for the opportunities to learn, be renewed and discover the holistic practice of Tai Chi through the Temple Knights community. Sincerely,."

Doug Aldworth



I spent a week studying fulltime with Temple Knights Kung Fu. I came to them as a novice in every respect. I took an hour or two of private instruction daily and practiced outside class. It was a self-made retreat of sorts, studying Kung Fu on their most lovely and quiet grounds.

They provided me an ideal foundation to study Kung Fu in the years to come. They have seemingly limitless skill to teach you. They will work with you, at your pace, to teach you what you can learn in a respect that capitalizes on your physical strengths and compensates for your weaknesses. And soon you will see that your weaknesses too can grow stronger. You will quickly loosen, strengthen and gain balance.

Temple Knights Kung Fu is a wonderful balance in general, teaching the practical, traditional and abstract. They will teach you how to disarm a man holding a pistol. But they will also stress how to lighten in order to apply maximum power. And in the converse, when power is applied against you, how to be light and avoid harm. They will teach you how to maximize your body’s power through the control of chi. And in an age that stresses multitasking and only leaves us more stressed because of it, they will emphasize singular focus. They underscore the importance of doing one technique, one skill, well. This dovetails with the original meaning of Kung Fu, to perfect one’s skill. I wish I had started Kung Fu as a boy. But I’m glad I came to them at 32 and finally started. I suggest the same to you. There is a world in their instruction, and I sincerely recommend you enter it.

- David Paul Kuhn, New York City


I so enjoy being a student in Temple Knights Kung Fu with my daughter on Saturdays, and in Tai Chi on Tuesdays for 'me time.' I've found my posture, and my core self again after having two children! I had no idea how effective the training would be and am very thankful for it. I can't imagine my life without this wonderful energy I've discovered with the help of Temple Knights. I know now that I will be a life-long participant in these art forms. Thank you Sigung and Sifu for the enlightenment.

Rebecca Krawczyk


I have a 13 year old son who was diagnosed four years ago with Tourettes Syndrome.  In addition to this he has also been assessed with ADHD and OCD which are commonly associated with Tourettes.  He has difficulty relaxing his mind and calming his motor tics.  Kung Fu has taught him strategies for coping through meditation and relaxation.  He has learned to use these techniques at home as a self guide practice when he has difficulty coping.  The physical stimulation also helps him release from a long day of sitting at school for extended periods of time.  He is so happy to have found a connection with the Temple Knights academy and their teachings...he looks forward to going to every class!

L. Danby


Tai Chi is very important to me, a practice I place central in my life. Sifu Valerie and Sigung John have the knowledge, experience, investment. passion, and wisdom that enables them to impart the richness and depth of this ancient art to their students. It is very much the kind of discipline that takes time to appreciate, and after about four years, I am finding now that my practice is starting to flourish. They say it takes most ten years, going through the set at least three times daily to become a master. Thank you for sharing this great treasure.

"In the world there is nothing more submissive and weak than water. Yet for attacking that which is hard and strong nothing can surpass it." - Lao Tzu
Rob Gill